Our 10 Favourite Picks from the “KOY” Collection

Our 10 Favourite Picks from the “KOY” Collection

KOY, a contemporary home and lifestyle brand from India. Born from the need to present some poetic brilliance to contemporary Indian style, the products are diverse yet inclusive for an eclectic collection of material foreplay. The KOY collection is a playful interlude of rich craftsmanship, elemental beauty and everyday objects re-imagined in a colourful world of emotions. KOY is a treasure of high-quality natural materials sourced in India. The brand’s hybrid identity is inspired by the vibrant world of color, myth and emotion that permeates Indian contemporary aesthetics.

Here are our top 10 products from KOY collection

1. Curve Bed

The curve bed is where the sensible and conservative meets the playful and romantic. Cherry stained solid wood complement an upholstered curved pink headboard, lightly hugging the occupant to decide which mood will take their fancy on any one occasion.

2. Croissant Armchair


Ribbed layers of upholstery over a moulded fibre structure are perfectly shaped to ensconce you in a plush, deep comfort; resembling the silhouette of a fluffy freshly baked croissant.

3. Bamboo Round Sofa


Presented in a sumptuous green velvet, supported by a white metal frame. The seat extends deep into the back rest, allowing one to sink into the sofa. Whilst being able to accommodate four people comfortably, its rounded design appears smaller while allowing it to blend seamlessly into any living area

4. Curve Chair | Velvet & Bent Metal


The blend of passivated steel and plush upholstery is critical to koy’s design language. The metallic frame creates a clean and sharp look, lending this chair a more formal appeal. On sitting down however, one finds the supreme comfort means that this chair is also perfect as a standalone lounge piece.

5. Marma Cushions | Quilted Cotton Velvet


Inspired by natural marble grains, earth tones of cotton suede are quilted in contemporary marbled patterns with contrasting stitches, adding an extra layer of comfort.

6. Cosmos Treetop Table


A fine grained textured cosmos side table is resin casted with gravel aggregates to recreate a basalt rock. The casted pieces are ground to reveal the surface variations that add towards the volcanic rock traits. The table is part of our treetop series, which is a playful nod to architectural drawings - the circular symbol used to describe the placement of plants in building floor plan is casted for the table tops.

7. Bubble Coffee Table


A happy piece, encouraging an uplifting atmosphere with its gently rounded shape. Inspired by the uneven yet seemingly perfect shape of a bubble, this table lends a new interpretation to the phrase ‘perfect circle’ and with its delightful proportions is the perfect companion for larger and more dominating pieces.

 8. Ziggurat Bar

An elegant bar cabinet with an abstract graphic pattern referencing mountains is imagined in a two toned finish of a high gloss lacquer and a hammertone. Giving the illusion of snowcapped mountain peaks.

9. Wire Curve Chair


Thin modern lines accented by warm timber outline a space. The bent metal wire curve chair is designed to fit your body outline, complimenting your profile with its back rest.

10. Prism Console


A monolothic structure combines graphic marbles and angles to provide an illusion of weightlessness to an otherwise solid piece of design.

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