The Story of KOYTOY: An Interview With Kunaal

The Story of KOYTOY: An Interview With Kunaal

1.  Why did you decide to launch KOYTOY?

  • Born from the thought of creating a safe space, celebrating individuality and sexuality.. An opportunity of association through products of self-expression- apparel, streetwear jewelry and healing products, where each one is unique and distinctive in style.
  • Simultaneously, referencing our roots of vibrant Maharaja’s lives, exotic rituals and gem philosophies. Layering with jewels, charismatic body posturing, elegant styling and uninhibited imagery. By these factors, KOYTOY embodies a desi vibe.
  • Focused on Indian materiality, KOYTOY explores boutique sourcing for their fabrics with a unique story for each design. Intricate prints expressed in varying color ways, versatile styling options due to oversized fits and free of gender as ‘Love is free of gender’. The KOYTOY team urges all to create unique and distinctive looks using their product library.

2.  Please share insights into the story behind the name? (For instance, something like the one for the KOY fish)

Koytoy is a wild rebel child who celebrates paradise. Who’s very intune sexuality.

3.  What is the brand’s philosophy?

Empower identity, celebration of individuality, everything is acceptable, KOYTOY instagram stories, sexual healing products, harness, not coy, not to be stereotyped, not to be boxed, normalizing sexuality, no inhibition in our imagery,

4.  You had mentioned this would be a gender fluid brand. Can you please elaborate on the same?

The heritage of Indian fashion is associated with complex textile, intricate prints and luxury, drawing on this ideology, we have created prints that express color and beauty in a visual way. We create versatile clothing that celebrate prints and textiles and can be used by a free of gender as love is free of gender. The KOYTOY style urges you to create your own iconic oversized fits.

5.  List of products and product descriptions from the entire collection? Please share an indication of the price points

KOYTOY Jewellery

●  Poona Pearl Choker

Some jewels were born to be legends. Inspired by the bedazzling pieces flaunted by the Maharaja's. These beautiful freshwater pearls make a beautiful and elegant strand and make the perfect statement piece. A delightful addition that accentuates your outfit and personalizes your look. It has been created as an heirloom to be passed down through the generations

●  Cosmos necklace

Cosmos is a modern heirloom with a vintage aesthetic, an antique effect that looks like a vintage find. Made of sterling silver and fastens with a secure push button closure.

A sleek silver chain featuring round semi precious beads spaced to create a minimalistic but exciting design that radiates cosmic energy.

●  Surya Studs

Let the guiding light of the Sun help you find your way to your best self, which brings you love, laughter, and adventure. Amethyst is known to be a powerful protection stone. It is used by some as a natural tranquilizer, since it relieves stress, anxiety and mood swings. It can help lessen sadness and grief, and can even calm the mind when under pressure.

Check out our jewellery collection here-

7.  Who is the target audience that you would like to cater to?

KOYTOY caters to the local crowd persona who is inspired by the nostalgia of growing up in India. Yet being well informed of the world and confident about this style. Idea to strike a chord with people, who wish to be comfortable in style and wear that they believe expresses their emotions of modern times.

8.   What inspired the move into accessories/ apparel from architecture/ interiors?

Design is a multidisciplinary field, the boundaries stretch amicably through the different dimensions. Once you master design softwares, working on other scales becomes simpler.

9.   How does your brand mirror your personal style?

KOYTOY is a bold language for a modern Maharaja of our times.