KOY Care Manual



Satin/Cotton Silk- Dry Clean Only


Being pure silver, recommended to keep it stored in felt jewellery boxes or pouches. In case of coloration, home remedy is to use toothpaste otherwise clean with warm water and baking soda.


All our marble products should be cleaned with a neutral cleaner or a mild dish washing detergent and warm water. You can also clean marble with baking soda and warm water. Please do not use bleach or anything abrasive to rub as this will scratch the surface. Our marble products can be used for a variety of foods, however acidic products such as lemons or vinegar, strong pigments such as cumin or turmeric may dull or stain the marble- oily substances may soak into marble. Marble is porous so try to never leave water or liquid for long periods of time on honed marble and possibly leave a mark. Marble is a brittle material and breakable and should be handled with care.


For a natural oil finish, furniture we recommend cleaning the surface with a damp cloth, preferably a microfiber. Generally most woods require re-oiling after 3-6 months [depending upon area and usage]. For scratches we recommend blending them in with Beeswax or wood oil provided. Each wood varies in its maintenance, therefore inquire with the team for the specifications. For lacquer or painted finish use a damp cloth for removal of dirt or dust.


Clean the surface for dust and grime with a soft cloth dampened in a mild detergent solution. Avoid abrasive products. We recommend that tarnished metals be professionally cleaned. In case of iridescent metal, we recommend cleaning with only a damp microfiber.


Direct heat and sunlight can cause fading and changes in colour of fabric, exemption applies to 'Outdoor Fabric'. To prevent fading and wear and tear of upholstery, periodic cleaning is essential. Vacuuming of fabric to remove dust and dirt is recommended too. Spills and stains must be cleaned out immediately with a damp, white cloth. Avoid the usage of abrasive cleaners or scrubbing the upholstery. For tough stains we recommend professional services that do the required treatment.


Clean the surface for dust and grime with a microfiber dampened in a mild detergent solution. Avoid abrasive products. Fiber/resin have delicate top surface therefore avoid any contact with sharp objects to prevent scratches.

Do not let spills sit on the surface. Immediately wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh conditions like direct heat for indoor furniture.Carefully place sharp objects on surfaces like glass, metal or wood to avoid scratches or dents. Only use fine cotton or extra soft cloths for dusting or cleaning. To preserve the longevity of your furniture and household accessories, treat them with love and affection.