Vision of Maharaja by the Bay by KoyToy


In a mesmerizing blend of tradition and modernity, KoyToy unveils its latest collection, "Maharaja by the Bay," a true testament to the brand’s commitment to heritage, self-expression, and luxurious fashion. This collection is not merely about clothing; it’s a celebration, a fusion of ancestral practices of adorning elaborate jewelry and non-conforming fashion choices. KoyToy takes pride in rekindling affection for our country’s rich heritage, embracing the art of self-expression through rich fabrics, diamonds, pearls, and crystal energy stones.

In this collection, the "LOOP" ensemble stands as a testament to elegance. A finely detailed, graphic Coord shirt with short sleeves, it seamlessly pairs with press button side reveal shorts. Crafted with 100% Viscose crepe, the fabric mimics the texture of crocodile skin, adding a touch of exotic charm. The half sleeves and notched collar design create a balance between comfort and style, making it an ideal choice for both casual and semi-formal occasions. This ensemble embodies the essence of the Maharaja, exuding regal charm and contemporary flair.

Similarly, "SCALES" dives into vibrant hues, capturing attention effortlessly. This Coord Set boasts full sleeves and a relaxed fit, complemented by a colorful palette inspired by precious jewels. Crafted from 100% Viscose crepe with a print reminiscent of curly waves, this set radiates elegance and playfulness. The pyjamas feature drawstrings and elastic, ensuring ease of wear and comfort. The spread collar adds a touch of sophistication, making SCALES a statement piece in the Maharaja by the Bay collection.

KoyToy's Maharaja by the Bay collection goes beyond fashion; it is a visual and tactile delight, an experience that embraces the soul of Indian heritage while embracing contemporary fashion. The intricate detailing, luxurious fabrics, and thoughtful designs reflect a vision that transcends time and trends. Each piece in this collection narrates a story of regality, self-expression, and a deep connection to our roots.

In a world where fashion often speaks louder than words, KoyToy's Maharaja by the Bay collection whispers tales of tradition, elegance, and individuality. It invites you to adorn yourself in the heritage of the Maharaja, celebrating the rich tapestry of Indian culture with every stitch and fold.