Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar: Background History, Brand Story, and Awards

Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar: Background History, Brand Story, and Awards


From New York City to India, from cinema to the Milano Design Week Introducing the spectacular melting pot by Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar. After earning an architectural degree at The Parsons School of Design, an acting career in Bollywood and having founded KOY and studioHAUS, the multifaceted Indian designer has created an extensive body of work i n the design fraternity that has been showcased around the globe and published in leading home decor magazines.

Kunaal Kyhaan in 2020 is curating a collection that will be presented to the world in an iconic statement during the upcoming edition of Elle Decor Design ID and Milan Design Week. At the global stage of design, Kunaal will be presenting his latest collection of furniture in collaboration with Italian brands. As a modern design poet, whose work is a unique genre of visual poetry. It is a landmark moment in his career, where he will also be formally announcing his expansion into the lifestyle segment. With a vision to create, the first of its kind, a contemporary Indian queer friendly brand which will celebrate the glamour and mischiefs of the community and provide it a platform on the international arena.

The inaugural collection of KOY- “Kindred Spirit” unleashed a new wave of trend in India, celebrating Indian materiality and making utilitarian objects transform into objects of desire. His expressionist approach to home decor is innovated on the simplistic value of combining everyday materials with deeper concepts. The iconic cosmos dining tables launched in 2017 have reinterpreted the way Indian interior designers now incorporate tables in their projects, more of an artistic expression than simple product design.

An ode to originality, his work has introduced biomorphic forms in Indian design where his flair for referencing natural motifs with novel materials and unique body massing. The Popcorn Armchair is yet another stylish piece from his collection that features his unique expression of design emotion. Introduced as symbolising a popcorn kernel in 2017, the product was explored by the studio in various finishes recreating aesthetic form focusing on; the seamless body, the sublime comfort and the comic rainbow.

Starting of KOY

In 2017, he launched KOY- a contemporary home and lifestyle brand from India. Born from the need to present some poetic brilliance to contemporary Indian style, the products are diverse yet inclusive for an eclectic collection of material foreplay. The KOY collection is a playful interlude of rich craftsmanship, elemental beauty and everyday objects re-imagined in a colourful world of emotions. KOY is a treasure of high quality natural materials sourced in India. The brand’s hybrid identity is inspired by the vibrant world of color, myth and emotion that permeates Indian contemporary aesthetics.

2018, An important year for KOY, we participated in 6 design shows around the world. Upon winning the Edida young talent of the year, Kunaal was invited by the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt to showcase the KOY collection. During Milan Design Week, KOY participated in the Asia Pavilion at the Tortona design district. Iconic pieces from the collection were selected by Casa Canvas Milan to display in their gallery in Brianza.

In India, KOY participated in all the important design shows starting with the Elle Décor India Design ID in New Delhi, expanding the client database. D’Code was another important show in Mumbai curated by a leading interior designer in India. KOY was exhibited alongside the leading designers in India at a Raw Collaborative, a show curated in one of Le Corbusier’s iconic Mill Owners building in Ahmedabad. KOY was curated alongside the leading designers in an exhibit at the first Architectural Digest design Show in Mumbai. KOY formed relationships with important stockists in India and London for a selection of home accessories.

Awards & Publications


  • Awarded the Elle Decor | India | EDIDA Young Talent 2017


  • KOY was nominated for the best tableware design at Home and Design Trends Awards in
  • KOY was nominated for the best lighting design at Home and Design Trends Awards in India.
  • Kunaal Kyhaan awards EDIDA 2019 “Designer of the Year” by Elle Decor India.

Design Shows

  • HOMI MILANO 2017
  • Maison et Objet, Paris 2017


  • ELLE Décor | India | No Stone Unturned | October 2017


  • Living and Design | Taiwan | HOMI Asia Design Milano | 2017



  • Philippe Model Maison | Paris
  • NOUS | Paris